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Over the past 23 years Susan has had the privilege of working with her clients as they experience changes to their personal relationships.

As a family lawyer and collaborative practitioner, she advises clients and helps them navigate family law issues that arise from those life changes.  For clients who are separating, Susan restricts her practice to assisting those who want to resolve their issues and achieve their goals through what she refers to as the “ABC method – Anything But Court”.  Susan has found that for her clients, negotiation, collaborative family law and mediation are all tools that are most effective in resolving their family law issues creatively and respectfully.

Susan has extensive training in various alternative dispute resolution processes, including, negotiation, collaborative practice and mediation training from Harvard.  Whether she is assisting a client with a Separation Agreement, Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement, her training and experience provides her with the necessary skills to craft a personalized and sustainable resolution for each client’s unique set of circumstances.

Susan’s approach is a holistic one that appreciates that the family transition has both an emotional and a financial impact and her common-sense approach looks to minimize both.  In addition, Susan strives to help her clients preserve their relationships.

Some clients require additional services beyond family law advice.  Susan has an extensive referral network for these additional services and can make recommendations that best suit the situation.

Susan is a trained comprehensive mediator and is qualified to mediate issues relating to parenting, property and support.   She welcomes mediation clients to attend sessions either with or without counsel.  As a mediator she assists the parties in determining the issues they need to resolve and creates a safe environment to facilitate difficult conversations that lead to resolutions.

Susan has a virtual office which means she practices virtually everywhere.  In person meetings generally take place at three different locations in the Greater Toronto Area, allowing clients to choose the most convenient location that suits them.   Video conferencing is also available for meetings as well as mediations.

From the first call, until completion and throughout, Susan is committed to providing each client with practical advice, cost effective recommendations and exceptional personal service.